Statement of Philosophy

Education at Fulton is based on a biblical worldview. This view asserts that an eternally loving God, through Christ created this world as part of a perfect Universe which He continues to sustain by His power through the laws He has ordained. Although created perfect in God’s image, mankind’s free choice led to alienation from the Creator. This broken relationship resulted in a fallen nature out of harmony with God and a blighted creation. Through His infinite love, God instituted a plan of salvation through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. This plan provides for the restoration of a harmonious relationship between mankind and the Creator, and the hope of eternal life.

Therefore, it is our intention to provide educational programs that embrace a holistic approach to true education for the training of the whole person. Intellectually to impart relevant, up-to-date knowledge so that students developmental capacity to think critically and analytically and not mere reflectors of others thoughts. Physically, education is intended to involve students in work programs and recreation activities to gain physical work and also improve their physical well-being. Socially, we want to help students improve their ability to interact and be able to create and maintain healthy relationships. Spiritually, we desire to help students develop faith which contributes to the restoration of the whole being in harmony with God’s ideal. Further, to build character and values which are based on the revelation of God both in scripture and in nature.

Thus we believe that Fulton College will produce graduates who are qualified and empowered to serve God and humanity.

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To demonstrate to students that Christianity is relevant to their era and that Christian Philosophy touches every area of life. To encourage students to become and remain aware of the importance of their individual commitment to God. To provide opportunities for and encourage students to develop and maintain their own personal devotional life. To provide opportunities for students to make and secure lifetime decisions for Christ In worships, Church services, Bible classes and through personal interaction with staff and other students. To provide opportunities for students to participate in Church outreach and worship programs.


To demonstrate that all areas of academic study need to be approached within a true Christian framework. To assist students to recognize and achieve their full potential, both academically and throughout life. To encourage the achievement of academic excellence through co-operation rather than competition. To identify students who may be experiencing difficulties (for whatever reason) and to provide appropriate remediation and counseling.


To prepare students for responsible citizenship, leadership and family life. To foster harmony in all social interactions by encouraging understanding, respect and love for all people, whether from the same culture or cross-culturally. To encourage healthy and responsible Christian interaction between the sexes. To provide opportunities for students to develop lasting friendships across the barriers of religion, age, race, and culture. To develop in students a sense of responsibility and accountability for all they do.


To foster balanced physical development through a well-developed work-study program. To encourage students to adopt and practice sound health principles. To provide a broad range of activities whereby students can develop skills that will be useful in later life.

Guiding Principle

In their work as Christian educators the faculty and staff of Fulton College commit themselves to the following guiding principles:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence in all that is attempted
  • Commitment to God, people, tasks, and the institution
  • Respect for all
  • Understanding others
  • Forgiveness as an expression of grace
  • Compassion for all in need