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Welcome to Fulton Adventist University Church

We are delighted to extend a warm greeting and invite you to explore our vibrant and inclusive community. At Fulton Adventist University Church, we are dedicated to nurturing a deep and meaningful connection with God, fostering spiritual growth, and building lasting relationships within our congregation and beyond.

Our website serves as a gateway to discover the various ministries, programs, and opportunities that we offer.

Check out our worship program this week. 

FAUC Chapel Project

Yes!! We are coming to all local churches in Lautoka, Nadi, and Suva on the 4th of May, 2024. We hope to see you all there.

To TPUM Mission Office...

To all TPUM Regional Office Officers, please locate your posters and kindly distribute them to local churches within your region. Thank you for your continuous support of Fulton